Wicked Soaps Co. - Apothecary Matches

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Each corked glass apothecary jar contains 20 two inch white tipped safety matches and includes a striker on the bottom.  The apothecary style jar pairs perfectly with any of our hand-poured candles. This listing is for 1 (one) jar of matches. Details • Color: White • 2” Match Sticks • Approximately 20 Matches Per Jar • Safety Matches • Strike Match Pad is placed on the Bottom • Glass Jar Size: 2.75" x .75" CAUTION: • Handle Matches with Care • Close Bottle Before Striking the Match • Keep Out of Reach of Children • Keep Away from Hot Surfaces and Flames _______________________________ Ritual + Root is a spiritual and aromatherapy line created and made by Wicked Soaps Co.