Secret Admirer Gift Box

$ 190.00

Valentine's Day, with its soft hues and the flutter of heart-shaped confetti, envelops us in a tender embrace, like a sweet rendezvous with affection and warmth. It's a day where the world seems to blush with love, inviting us to savor the simple joys of heartfelt gestures, the exchange of tokens that speak volumes, and the shared moments that celebrate the beauty of connection, painting the day with the hues of romance and appreciation.

Within our carefully curated gift box you will find an assortment of gifts perfect for Valentine's Day, an Anniversary, a Birthday, or just because. 

Includes: Candle, Bath Bomb, Mug, Mini Hand Cream, Chocolate, Cookies, Soap Bar, Tea, and Urban Poppy Mini (Designers Choice) Flower Arrangement.

Items in box are subject to change due to availability - All items will be similar to the above list but scents and flavors may vary. 

Urban Poppy Mini shown in pictures is the standard size. Upgrade to a deluxe or premium to add additional blooms to the arrangement.

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