I Dream By The Sea Gift Box

$ 240.00

Walking down the beach, with the sand between your toes and the rhythmic waves serenading your steps, evokes a tranquil sense of oneness with nature, like reconnecting with an age-old companion. It's a journey where the shoreline becomes a canvas for contemplation, inviting us to savor the gentle whispers of the sea and the endless horizon, where time seems to dissolve into the eternal.

Within our carefully curated ocean box you will find an assortment of gifts perfect for a birthday, anniversary, saying thank you, or simply just because.

Ceramic Oyster Dish, Sea Salt Candle, Coconut Hand Cream, Sea Salt Sage Perfume, Dead Sea Sponge, Chocolate Truffles, Bath Tablet Sea Salt & Lavender, Turkish Towel, Xerographica Air Plant

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