Holiday Cheer Gift Box

$ 235.00

Winter and the holiday season, with the hush of snowfall and the aroma of festive spices, weave a cozy tapestry of nostalgia, like revisiting a favorite story by the fireside. It's a time when the world dons a magical blanket of white, inviting us to embrace the chill with laughter, to relish in the simple pleasure of hot cocoa, and to share heartwarming moments with loved ones, creating a symphony of memories amid the twinkling lights and the gentle dance of snowflakes.

Within our carefully curated holiday box you will find an assortment of gifts perfect for a Christmas, Hanukkah, saying thank you, winter birthday, host gift, or simply just because.

Includes: Mini gingerbread tiles, 4 piece chocolate box, candle, mug, small Christmas tree, snowman ornament, white peppermint mocha mini mixology cubes, gold candle suffer, gold matches, and holiday 

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