Ethics Supply Co. - Soulful Adventures Bubble Bath: Soak in Light

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Soak in Faith courage · plunge · rise   Soak in Goodness grace · virtue · kindness Soak in Hope courage · plunge · rise   Soak in Light eau salée · sapphire · illumination Soak in Love friendship · spring blossom · delight Soak in Rest grace · virtue · kindness Enjoy the experience of the bath time ritual, made complete with our luxurious, fragrant bubble bath. Let relaxation take you away into a place of rest and peace, as your soul embarks on the adventure of inner healing.  Soulful Adventure is our heartfelt attempt to capture the inner workings of the spirit, that we believe is made well from experiencing the great outdoors from the gentle comfort of home.  Pour two tablespoons into the rushing water of your bath.  Net weight 10 oz

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