Chive - Gnome

$ 20.00

We were really tired of seeing the design injustice that has been inflicted on the poor garden gnome of late (biker gnomes, evil gnomes, zombie gnomes, perverted gnomes) so we designed a modern, sleek, sexy, colorful friend that everyone wants to hang out with. These Gnome centerpieces (a.k.a. Larry The Gnome) were rolled out as a special edition for the Philadelphia Flower Show back in 2012 where we immediately ran out of stock, so they have now become a Chive staple. We've since tried to take them to the Chelsea Flower Show, where we exhibit annually but were regrettably informed that they have a show-wide ban on the poor devils! I'm sure that they will one day see the light but for now, the only place you will find this guy is on Chive's website.

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