Braid & Wood Design Studio - V-Hanger (Classic Shimmer) - Gold Air Plant Holder: Large

$ 44.00

A chic & timeless plant hanger that looks like modern wall decor & adds a touch of green to your space. Made from solid white oak and gold electroplated steel, the Braid & Wood V-Hanger is a unique piece of wall mounted home decor. Simply hang on any wall, in any space, and then nest a pretty air plant directly in the center of the V-shaped shelf. Braid & Wood products are perfect for home decor & houseplant lovers. Add some modern & minimal style to your fall decor this season. The Braid & Wood V-Hanger will look its best when hung against the wall. Air plant NOT included. Product Dimensions: SMALL: 8" inner ring diameter 10" outer ring diameter V-Shelf depth 1.5" LARGE: 10" inner ring diameter 12" outer ring diameter V-Shelf depth 2.5" Assembly: Product comes fully assembled. Product Care: For indoor use only. Remove plants when watering or misting.

*Air plant not included in price.

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