Birthday Blooming Cake Gift Box

$ 250.00

Celebrating your birthday, with the warm embrace of loved ones and the flickering candles casting a soft glow, elicits a joyful sense of appreciation, like an annual reunion with cherished memories and anticipation for new adventures. It's a special day where the world seems to shimmer with excitement, inviting us to savor the sweet moments of cake, laughter, and the heartwarming symphony of well-wishes that make us feel truly cherished.

Within our carefully curated gift box you will find an assortment of gifts perfect for any birthday.

Includes: Birthday Candles, Matches, Birthday Cake Bath Bomb, B-Day Babe Wine Glass, Darling Candle, Flower Ring Dish, Embroidered Garden Journal, Eye Pillow, Salted Caramel, Chocolate

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