Seasonal Flowers : Savannah Spring and Summer Blooms April 22 2024, 0 Comments

Sunflowers growing in field
Spring has finally arrived, bringing with it a burst of vibrant colors and fragrant blooms to Savannah, GA. As the city awakens to warmer temperatures and longer days, our gardens and outdoor spaces come alive with the beauty of nature's finest creations. Join us on a journey as we uncover five exquisite flowers that flourish in the spring and summer months here in Savannah. From charming garden beds to elegant outdoor pots, there's no better way to celebrate the changing of seasons than by adorning your surroundings with these stunning blooms. Let's dive in and discover the floral treasures that await in our beloved city!
Pink Zinnia


Zinnias are a vibrant staple of Savannah flower gardens, celebrated for their brilliant hues and heat tolerance. These cheerful blooms come in a variety of colors and sizes, attracting pollinators while adding a burst of color to the landscape. Their ability to withstand the area's warm temperatures and thrive in well-draining soil makes them a must-have for local flower enthusiasts.
Coneflowers growing in field


These native flowers flourish in our southern area, boasting distinctive cone-shaped centers surrounded by petals in shades of pink, purple, and white. Their hardiness and ability to endure heat and drought make them a perfect fit for the local climate. 

Gaillardias Flower in full bloom


Showcasing daisy-like blooms in rich shades of red, orange, and yellow; These hardy perennials thrive in the heat and well-draining soils, making them a reliable choice for local flower gardens. Their ability to attract butterflies and tolerate drought conditions makes them a beloved addition to Savannah's floral landscape.
Coreopsis Flowers in Field


Coreopsis, often referred to as "tickseed," is a adored native flower that thrives in Savannah's sunny and well-drained conditions. Their bright yellow or orange blooms create a sunny atmosphere, attracting bees and butterflies. Coreopsis is a low-maintenance choice for local gardens, adding a burst of color and charm to the landscape.

Close up of Gladiolus Flower


While not native to the Savannah area, gladiolus can thrive in the region's warm and humid climate when given proper care. These elegant, vertical flowers produce tall spikes adorned with a multitude of colorful, trumpet-shaped blooms. Planting gladiolus corms in well-draining soil and providing adequate spacing allows them to grow robustly. With their impressive height and wide range of available colors, gladiolus can add a touch of grandeur to local gardens and floral arrangements.