Exciting News from Urban Poppy July 15 2020, 1 Comment


Wowzers. How is it already the middle of July? Is it me or have the months both dragged on and then crazily sped up once we hit the end of May? 

June 1st, after being closed by mandate March 28th, for a little over two months, we opened our doors to you, our wonderful customers. By God's grace (literally) we managed to keep the store going with phone and online orders and we converted our shop back into a production studio which is what we started as, ten years ago.

Many of you know that Savannah's busiest wedding seasons are in the spring and fall. Our wedding work (which comprises over half of our business) dried up left and right and we lamented with our brides and their families over the loss they went (and still are going) through having to reschedule or cancel their plans in a continued time of unknown.

Several of you who came in after we first reopened last month were thrilled we had "made it through" and we small businesses have been holding our breath while saying prayers for each other that we can continue to do so.

And here is the biggest kicker of all.... after several years of waiting, with delay after delay, we (again, God-willing) hope to open Urban Poppy Plant Riverside in the next couple of weeks. Many folks think we are crazy, and perhaps we are (who isn't just a little bit crazy right now?), but since the ship had sailed and we all jumped aboard with it, we just pray the earth is really round and not flat and that life turns back around :)

And how are *YOU* all doing? We miss you; we think of you and hope you and your loved ones are well: physically, emotionally, spiritually and socially. We are here for you and can't wait to keep sharing beauty and nature with you in this season, and the seasons to come. Blessings, peace and love to you all.


Anissa, Urban Poppy