Covid-19 and Urban Poppy May 02 2020, 0 Comments

Where to really begin? I've been procrastinating writing any type of "letter" because everything about this present global pandemic situation still seems so surreal. It's especially hard to digest when everything here in balmy Savannah is blooming, breezy and warm with sunny weather beckoning everyone outside where Nature is happy.

Birds are singing their sweet little heads off, azaleas are exploding in color and overnight the tiniest of celery green leaves are appearing on our crepe myrtles, fig trees and grape vines. Our chickens are laying and rolling around in the dust sunning themselves, our garden is growing, life is sweet and yet it's the UNKNOWN; that palpable feeling of weird dread- like waiting for test results.

We're not alone though. We're separated but we can all still look out for one another.  Many of our little shops and services are holding our breaths to see what will happen. We love our community, we love our families and customers and we are going through something amazing in history right now. Spring was on March 19th and from the death of  sleeping winter, there is new life.  

Please plant a garden if you can. Sun-soak in the vitamin D and take lots of vitamin C. Give yourselves permission to rest. Our kids are home now so that means more bike rides, more walks, more books to read to them and more time to reflect. Peace and safety to each of you and look up for a flowering branch to adorn your table, look down for spring bloom to pluck and give to a sweet one.  Hang in there you lovely people :)


Anissa, Urban Poppy