"America, America..." November 05 2020, 2 Comments

"...God shed His grace on thee; and crown thy good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea." That's my prayer right now.

As of today the country is still seemingly "on pause". But there is a great war being fought in the heavenlies over the future of this beautiful land. 

I am thankful for my freedoms as a woman, a small business owner, a wife, a mother and a Christian. Where else in the world would I be allowed and encouraged to do all and be all of these things? 

It is very true that we will never really know what we have/had until it is gone. So many fight for a cause based on their feelings and yet truth seems to hold no bearing. With rights come great responsibility. 

I am tired and I need to process my ideas on this a little more. Not sure who may really read the thoughts and meanderings of simple floral designer here in Savannah, but I do hope we all take time to pray for our country and for her people. Pray for the truth to prevail, for lives to be saved and lived, for righteousness and justice for all. May we be worthy of this great country.