The Change of Seasons May 19 2016, 0 Comments

It seems that most of my blog posts and letters these days start with an exclamation of sorts of my marveling where the time has gone. Seasons come and they go, but with amazing advances in packaging in shipping, flowers, like vegetables, can come to us from all over the world regardless of the season they are naturally grown in. I eat tomatoes in January when I know my garden generally only grows them in the summer.

Although I can't grow my beloved peonies in my adopted country of Savannah, I can get them in late Spring and early Summer, wherever in the world that may be. Peonies one month may come from Israel or Africa or Holland. In the Fall, it's Spring in the lands down under.

This cross pollination of travel and flowers allow us as designers to create an endless palette of color/season combinations. Winter flowers tucked in along with Spring. It's an exciting time in my opinion as both a floral designer and a light gardener and I look forward for more to come.