Sensi | Body + Bath Meditation Oil

$ 40.00

Perhaps its the end of a long day and your mind is overstimulated and frayed. Perhaps your body too, is tired and neglected. Relax, and breathe deeply, allowing the aromatherapeutic effects of gentle essential oils and solar infusions to soothe hyperactive systems and calm mental tension. Ingredients like gently sedative chamomile essential oil, grounding and calming cedarwood essential oil, lavender solar infused coconut oil and ylang ylang oil, each an intuitive component for a deeply nourishing and luxurious oil. The perfect addition to a pre-bed bath, stress relieving massage, or aromatherapy ritual for enhanced sleeping.

Use: Massage a small amount into skin. Best if applied directly after showering for improved absorption.

Ingredients: lavender-infused sunflower, essential oils of chamomile, frankincense, cedarwood, lavender and ylang ylang.