Baudelaire Horsehair Wash Mitt

$ 32.00

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  • Coarse, exfoliating mitt
  • Made with horsehair
  • Handwoven

We're not going to kid you.  This Baudelaire Horsehair Wash Mitt is not for sissies. Think about it - horsehair is tough! If you don't believe us, find a friend who has a horse. Try to pull a hair out of its tail (be careful not to get kicked).  You probably can't do it. So, find a good sharp pair of scissors and try to cut it. If you manage that, then see if you can use your hands to break it. Again, it's not likely that you'll be able to...

Imagine that strength, woven by Columbian women into a cleansing tool for your bath. You'll get incredible coarseness for that all-important exfoliation all over your body. We think you'll love this product. That is, assuming that you're not a sissy.  So why not give it a try?

After your bath, pour yourself a drink and just unwind. After what you've just been through in the tub or shower, we think you deserve a little bit of quality time, so pamper yourself!

Made in Columbia.