Calm Dead Sea Bath Salts

$ 18.00

All of our products are made with 100% natural plant oils and 100% natural minerals - nothing artificial, no parabens, no preservatives, no artificial colors or scents, no animal ingredients. 

Formulated to relax your body and calm your mind. These are perfect for a night time bath for ultimate relaxation before bed.

The highest quality of sea salts come from the Dead Sea. Add a handful of these salts to your bath to infuse the water with minerals for your body to absorb. This blend of essential oils was created to ease your mind, relieve your tension and help to put your mind and body into a peaceful, sleepy state. 

SCENT: Ylang Ylang / Vanilla (light floral) 
100% Natural Dead Sea Salts and Himalayan Pink Salt.  
8 oz. glass bottle. 

Note: Since these salts are all natural and do not contain any anti-clumping agents they may clump up after a while, to remedy this situation just put the cap on tightly and shake the jar a bit to disperse the salts. 

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